Wolves Updates 2/19 Part 2

Minnesota has made available veteran Mark Madsen, a defensive-minded power forward who isn’t playing in their youth movement. 

Nathaniel Friedman/Sporting News
on some "bold — highly unlikely, but not impossible — predictions" for the second half of the season. 
Every season, some young team comes together and racks up a few extra
wins or at least becomes a tougher matchup. It’s tough to make a case
for the T-Wolves because they live in the Western Conference. But after
seeing Gerald Green and Rashad McCants in the dunk contest last
weekend, I believe anything is possible.
Here are comments by an Eastern Conference scout
about the five rookies from the University of Florida. The scout
requested anonymity because of team rules:
Corey Brewer:
"You’ve got to keep working [on the outside shot]. It’s much easier to
get where he wanted [in terms of shooting consistency] when he was in
Chris Richard: "Needs more work [to become a consistent player]."
Rashad McCants (Timberwolves guard, UNC): McCants missed 44 games last
season after having microfracture surgery on his right knee. Back at
full strength, he’s averaging 15 points and shooting 45 percent for a
Minnesota team that’s adjusting to life without Kevin Garnett. McCants
is also adding plenty of tattoos and souvenirs to his collection. This
season, McCants has snagged signed jerseys from Amare Stoudemire, Steve
Nash, Allen Iverson, Baron Davis and Marvin Williams to add to his
walls at home. As far as the new body ink, the former Tar Heel, whose
“Born to be hated, dying to be loved” tattoo was a source of much
discussion in his college days, now has more than 20 markings. A
“Lucky” tattoo is on his right forearm, “Fearless” runs down his right
leg and a massive “Vicious” tattoo is stamped on his stomach.
Gerald Green kind of got undersold on the blow-the-candle dunk. That was a really, really cool dunk and worth a perfect score.
In the end, however, the best man won.
After Tuesday’s shootaround at Target Center, center Theo Ratliff told
reporters he was a "game-time decision," but Wittman did not confirm if
Ratliff will be on the active roster against Philadelphia.

After Monday’s practice, Wittman said he did not expect Ratliff to play in the next few games.
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