Wolves Updates 2/20 Part 2

Fifty-two games into this season, Telfair is the Wolves player who has
most aggressively seized this campaign by the throat, not so much
surpassing the low expectations his previous play had engendered as
lapping them, stoking his energy and intelligence in the process. In
the past 30 games or so, Telfair has finally learned how to do more
than simply turn the key in the offense and try to steer the wheel.
He’s discovered how to regulate pace with the throttle and the brake,
how to draw and kick, how to make opponents cover him because of his
dribble penetration or initial probes in the modified fast break where
the Wolves may or may not have the numbers…
As Foye sat on the sidelines, teammate Sebastian Telfair took advantage of his absence, putting together a career season as Minnesota’s lead guard. With Foye back in the mix, Head Coach Randy Wittman must use the second half of the year to determine what position suits him best: the point guard or the two-guard. To Foye himself, the distinction between the two is minimal. 
Stephen Litel/Hoopsworld also talks to Chris Richard about the player’s recent stint in the D-League.  

Basketbawful on last night’s win: 
Some Minnesota fans – most of whom will probably never have sex with a woman without the use of a major credict card – saluted Green’s now famous cupcake dunk. Too bad Green never got off the bench. For all you stat geeks out there, that means he played 8 fewer minutes than Antoine Walker. 
When the two teams played in December, Sixers center Samuel Dalembert
came within one blocked shot of a triple-double. He swatted away Al
Jefferson’s potential game-tying shot with fewer than seven seconds
remaining to preserve a victory.
Jefferson, who delivered his 38th double-double (19 points, 14
rebounds) of the season Tuesday, was asked after the game about
Dalembert’s influence on that game and his lack thereof more than two
months later (6 points, 9 rebounds, 1 block Tuesday).

“I don’t remember that game,” he said…


If Minnesota makes a deal, it will not be anything monumental.
Although they do hold interesting pieces for trade bait in the expiring
contract of Theo Ratliff, the unfulfilled potential of Gerald Green and
the unhappy, but professional veterans Antoine Walker and Greg Buckner,
more than likely nothing will come of these pieces.
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