Wolves Updates 2/21

If the Wolves do anything before today’s 2 p.m. trade deadline — Kevin
McHale said something small is possible, but he’s not holding his
breath — they’ll likely swap Gerald Green for another player whose
contract expires after this season and maybe a draft pick and/or some

Wittman said there are no plans to trade Ratliff, who is a free agent
at the end of this year. "We are going to hold on to Theo and see what
he can do," Wittman said.
Jerry Zgoda/Star Tribune on Theo Ratliff:
Whether the man with the expiring $11.6 million salary slot plays again
for the Wolves beyond this season, his return to good health after knee
surgery for the season’s final 30 games would allow management to see
how a bonafide shot-blocker fits among the pieces the team has
assembled in its rebuilding efforts.
"If you say it fits beautifully, then it becomes a major, major
priority," said Kevin McHale, Wolves vice president of basketball
operations. "If you decide it’s not a monumental change, then you say,
‘OK, there are a lot of teams who are very successful who don’t have
that shot-blocker in the middle.’ It’s going to be a chance for us to
see what impact that particular type of player has on our team."
Previews of tonight’s game against the Spurs:
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