Wolves Updates 2/22 Part 2

Britt Robson/On The Ball on "4th Quarter Foye":
The guy the ballclub would really like to transform into its starting
point guard looks for his when the game is in the balance. This could
rightfully be spun as a hopeful attribute when the front office was
casting about for a worthy sidekick and complementary talent to go with
Kevin Garnett, who liked nothing better than to make the "right
basketball play" to win the game, be it an assist, steal or turnaround
jumper. But on a team with Al Jefferson still spreading his offensive
blossom, nurtured by contact and grit in the paint, the abiding
priority for 4th Quarter Foye should be to get him the rock in the low
block by any means necessary…
From TMZ:
Sources tell TMZ that Victoria’s Secret supermodel Adriana Lima and NBA
star Marko Jaric definitely have a full-court press going on, making
their first public appearance at a Super Bowl party. Jaric, a Serb,
also owns a clothing line called Macchia.
John Hollinger/ESPN on the trade for Kirk Snyder:
The Timberwolves get a second-rounder and a free two-month look at
Snyder before deciding whether to make a qualifying offer for him this
summer. I have no idea why they gave up on Green so fast, but given
that they had already made that decision before the season, this one
makes sense. You can’t say that about every Wolves move. Grade: B
Eric Pincus/Hoopsworld on the trade:
The Wolves sent Gerald Green home to Houston but will Kirk Snyder find a home long-term in Minnesota?  Probably not.  Cap space will come in the summer of 2009 but until then the Wolves will struggle. 
Postgame quotes from last night’s loss the Spurs. 
"Everywhere in Martin’s hometown, he saw the signs, WHITE ONLY. His
mother said these signs were in all Southern cities and towns in the
United States. Every time Martin read the words, he felt bad, until he
remembered what his mother told him: ‘You are as good as anyone.’"

– Excerpt from "Martin’s Big Words"

Wednesday afternoon at the Cookie Cart in North Minneapolis, Wolves
players Greg Buckner and Michael Doleac read those words at a Reading
Time Out with elementary students from Bethune Community School…
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