Wolves Updates 2/4

Until eight days ago, the Wolves were 0-30 when they didn’t score 100
points. Then, twice in four days, they won without reaching that
threshold, beating New Jersey and Chicago. They limited Chicago on
Wednesday to 67 points and on Friday held the Los Angeles Clippers to
27 points after halftime in a 104-83 victory.
"We’re 2-1," Foye said with a smile. "I think I
progressed. I think my first game, I came out there and shot the ball
really well. I’m not really concerned right now with trying to be the
second-best or the best scorer on the team right now. I’m more
concerned with winning."
Foye averaged 7.7 points and 21 minutes in three
games since returning to the lineup Tuesday in Chicago. He has made
nine of his 23 field-goal attempts, 39.1 percent. That’s not a great
percentage but close to his career accuracy of 43.3 percent through 85
The Wolves are in a tricky position because it’s so tempting to make a trade, but it might not be a good idea. The team has many young players it could tack on to Ratliff and/or Doleac to produce a package capable of netting a superior talent. McHale also has to be wary of adding anyone who won’t be around when the team’s contending again which will be in at least a couple of years. At the very least, it would be prudent not to take on any contract going very far into the future unless the player attached to it is a young player with upside and with the capability to make a huge impact.  
Previews tonight’s game against Houston:
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Jon Saraceno/USA Today on players who are "stepping up":
Al Jefferson, Minnesota: The Timberwolves forward-center had 40 points and 19 rebounds in a 98-95 win Jan. 27 against New Jersey. He averaged 27.8 points for the week.  
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