Wolves Updates 2/5

Britt Robson/On The Ball on last night’s loss to Houston: 
When Witt and company came to the sideline and Wittman pulled out his
chalkboard, McCants sat down to his right side. His back was to where I
was sitting at this point, but it was obvious that his tirade was
continuing because Mark Madsen (also in street clothes), a man of
infinite patience and goodwill, got a dark look on his face and yelled
out something, again presumably to quiet McCants. Finally, Wittman
turned to his right, glowered at McCants, and hollared, either "get out
of here" or "get the fuck out of here," but in any case, the way
McCants’s shoulders kept moving, I assume he kept talking, until
Wittman finally hollared again, "Shut up!" and then started to work on
the upcoming play…
Wolves center Theo Ratliff said he’s
optimistic that he will be able to practice in a limited fashion
sometime this week before the Wolves play their next game Friday.
Ratliff said he has been doing a lot of sprints and other activity to
see how his surgically repaired right knee reacts.
"I’m really just playing it by ear," said Ratliff,
who had surgery Dec. 18 to repair a torn meniscus. "Probably in the
next couple days I’ll try to get out there on the floor and do some
stuff with the guys. It’s been fine so far as far as recovering. I’m
just continuing to try to progress."
When the Wolves decided to send rookie Chris Richard to the NBA Development League, he got a first-class ticket to Sioux Falls; Wolves VP of Basketball Operations Kevin McHale drove him down there, and spent a couple of days there with Richard.
"We talked about a lot of stuff," McHale said. "We talked about what I
thought he should work on, things he had to get better at. I wanted to
spend some time with him to make sure he understood why we were doing
this. No matter who you are, it’s hard not to think ‘Is this a
Richard has played two games with the Skyforce and gotten a double-double in both games…
Two great new Wolves blogs got up and running yesterday: 
The Wolves move up to #20 in this week’s ESPN power rankings.
Another two-game win streak, Foye is finally back from injury and
McHale is suddenly being hailed for his KG deal compared to what
Memphis got for Pau. So, yes, Minnesota stays in the 20 range for at
least one more week.
The Wolves are probably not going
to fill up the seats at the Target
Center this season based
on the way they are playing, but they are trying to give people hope for the
2008-2009 season. They are hoping Randy Foye shows enough to keep people
Tim Legler/ESPN grades the Western Conference teams and gives the Wolves a C-.
If this were written two weeks ago the Wolves would have received a resounding F, but they seem to be turning things around. The good news is that Al Jefferson has turned into a dominant player on the block. Playing without Randy Foye most of the year deserves a break on the grading. 
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