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New Wolves blog We Drafted Pooh on the trade for Kevin Love.  
In an interview on KLAC yesterday, Kevin Love is asked about his beard and says that he thinks "it’s about to come off." 
The word is that the Timberwolves never would have traded the 34th pick in the draft to Miami had the Pistons not taken Indiana’s D.J. White with the 29th pick in the first round. The Wolves were very high on the 6-9 power forward and would have drafted him with their 34th pick if he was still available…
Timberwolves General Manager Jim Stack said there isn’t any chance of buying out the three-year contract of second-round draft choice Nikola Pekovic of Serbia, a 6-11 center. "He’s making this year 1.5 million euros, net, which translates into about $2.8 [million] to $3 million," Stack said. "The [U.S.] dollar is just so weak right now in the European market, and these kids get paid net money, so they don’t have to pay taxes on their money. This kid will be a more mature professional, we won’t have to wait on his development. He is already a player right now. He’s averaging 19 points a game, shooting 65 percent in the Euro League, which is the top league in all of Europe."
Dave McMenamin/NBA.com ranks Kevin Love #6 among this year’s rookies: 

There is no spot in the stat line for picture perfect outlet passes (or for 94-foot shots
for that matter), but the old adage goes that you need one superior
skill to make it in the league and a fastbreak igniting outlet pass is
at the top of Love’s bag of tricks. Love can play inside/outside as a
pick and pop guy and while he might not be the quickest of players, his
innate basketball I.Q. usually guides him to be at the right place at
the right time nonetheless. Think of Love as Al Horford with
three-point range. It will be interesting to see if Minnesota plays
Love at the four and keeps Al Jefferson playing out of position at the
five, or slides Jefferson back to power forward and give Love the
challenge of playing as an undersized center.

"Coach Wittman said asked me if I’d be interested in helping out, and I
said would love it," Skyforce Head Coach Nate Tibbetts said.

A month later, Tibbetts was officially invited to serve as an assistant
coach for Minnesota during the 2008 NBA Summer League in Las Vegas.
New Timberwolf Kevin Love, 19, 6 feet 9, has size 19 shoes.
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