Bill Simmons wants to be the Timberwolves GM columnist Bill Simmons has spent much of the day discussing his (sudden) candidacy for Wolves GM.  From his Twitter feed:

Hey T-Wolves fans: I am ready to launch the “Simmons for GM” campaign if you are. Already on record as loving ‘Sota.
PS: Here’s my offer to the T-Wolves. 3-year deal, first year for free as long as I can write a book about Season 1. I am dead-serious.
Minny’s attendance in 2008-09: 27th overall. Even with tons of family packs & discount deals.
Minny’s record from 2006-2009: 111-217, no playoff appearances. PS: I am inviting Britt Robson to be my assistant GM. Simmons-Robson 2009!
Guys I would build around: Jefferson, Love, Brewer, Foye, 2009 No. 1 pick. My game plan: Emulating how Presti rebuilt the Zombie Sonics.
T-Wolves prez Chris Wright: Lobby him on my behalf. My question to Minny: Why not? You are irrelevant right now.
First big Minny idea: If we get eliminated from playoffs, tix rest of the way are half-price and season ticketholders get half-price refunds
2nd big Minny idea: Anyone who bought season tix in 1987 and kept them since, I am taking you to dinner. Groups of eight per dinner.
3rd big Minny idea: I promise to trade with Chris Wallace and Mike Dunleavy as much as I possibly can. Will e-mail ’em every day with offers
4th big Minny idea: Any T-Wolves fan can trade in a jersey of a player no longer on the team and get 40% off their purchase of a new one.

Simmons also conducted a long interview with Michael Rand of the Star Tribune, which qualifies as required reading.

I cannot speak for the rest of the T-Wolves Blog staff.  However, I can’t see how this move makes the franchise any worse, sells fewer tickets, or makes the team less watchable on TV – and in fact, I think it goes in a positive direction in all three categories.

Therefore, I’d like to offer my official endorsement of this candidacySimmons in ’09! Yes! We! Can! Be interesting and actually have a chance to get better, rather than treading water at the bottom of the Western Conference!

UPDATE: Now we’ve even got an official campaign poster.

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