Blogger MVP/ROY Rankings – Edition 6

Blogging + Ranking Things in Lists = Awesomness.

The Sixth Edition of the Blogger MVP/ROY Rankings is being hosted by Reds Army.  Solid Celtics blog, so check them out if you get a chance.   If you want to check out how I voted and my super witty and extremely humorous stupid un-funny comments, just scroll down a little ways.  Feel free to mock and ridicule my voting as you see fit.  My comments must really suck lately, because I’ve only gotten like a total of 2 featured in the past two editions.  I need to step my game up.

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After careful consideration, I wasn’t going to inundate you with my boring rankings and comments decided to post my rankings and comments for my 10 MVP’s and 5 Rookies of the Year below:



(10 = 1, 9 = 2, 8 = 3 and so on)

10. Brandon Roy: For this edition, injury concerns and missed games almost kept him off my ballot entirely. Other than that small hindrance, he’s like a super duper stud. Word of advice: Don’t trade him in any Keeper Fantasy Basketball League. Ever. You’d be a complete moron like me to do so.

9. Danny Granger: Did you know he’s fourth in the NBA in points per game average? If not, well now you know. P.S. The Timberwolves didn’t need him. Instead we drafted Retard McCants.

8. Paul Pierce: The Celtics have been slipping a little bit lately, but dominant wins over the Suns, Heat, and Magic seems to have gotten the ship back on track. Until they are no longer a top 5 team in the league, the best Celtic will continue to get my vote.

7. Tim Duncan: The one constant for the Spurs this season. He’s got them back to being one of the best teams in the West (again.) When people call him “boring”, I think what they actually meant to say was “awesome.”

6. Kobe Bryant: Bah! If only they’d stop winning games! In honor of the Lakers’ sterling record, I have again moved him up one spot for this edition. Don’t complain Lakers fans, at least I didn’t entirely leave him off the ballot out of spite.

5. Dirk: He’s having a year that is almost as good statistically as his 2005 MVP winning season. Amazingly, his competition is that good this year.

4. Chris Paul: Due to injuries on his team, CP3 is almost single handily keeping the Hornets afloat and near the top of the Western Conference. Oh yeah, and he’s clearly the best point guard in the league.

3. Dwight Howard: Eats Grown Men. Plays NBA basketball in his spare time.

2. D-Wade: So I was at the local corner Laundry Mat last weekend, and who else but D-Wade walks in! Needless to say, I was floored. So I say to him: “D-Wizzzzle you da man bay-bee! Your game be fresher than these here dryer sheets. I can’t wait to watch you thro down in da all-star game fo shiz! You are the most starry of all da all-stars.” He then left without responding. That’s real talk.

1. LeBron James: Anyone that votes someone other than LeBron #1 should be stripped of their heralded Blogger MVP/ROY voting rights.


(5 = 1, 4 = 2 and so on)

5. Kevin Love: I’d rather have Mayo, but in terms of full disclosure, Love is somehow leading all rookies in rebounding…

4. Russell Westbrook: Along with Durant and Jeff Green, these young guys could be a dominant three-some in the league within a few years.

3. Brook Lopez: By looking at his stats and watching him play, you’d never guess he’s a freak that loves all things Disney.

2. OJ Mayo: He lost the coin flip with Rose for the #1 spot for this edition.

1. Derrick Rose: He’s only a rookie and is already the only “untradeable” player on their woebegone team.


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