Bloguin NBA MVP/RoY Voting Edition #1

After a year long hiatus, I’d like to welcome back the Blogger MVP/ROY Rankings (Bloguin style.)  This greatly excites me, because it was something I used to LOVE to do!  So yeah, it’s back. And who doesn’t love lists with comments?  Only the heartless, that’s who. We’ve got 22 Bloguin NBA blogs that are able to partake in the festitivies (so far!)  The first edition was pretty light, but I’m sure it will pick up as more of the new bloggers see what is going on.  Without further ado, Don from With Malice…  hosted the First Edition on Bloguin.  Make sure to check it out asap. 

Oh, and feel free to mock me after seeing where my picks stand in relation to the final results. But don’t be too mean, it will hurt my very delicate feelings.


1 – Lebron James: He might win this award for the next 10 years.  Gonna be pretty tough to take it away from him.
2 – Chris Bosh: Where did this early season statistical surge come from?  He’s single-handidly keeping the Raptors alive. Extra credit to Bosh for the acquisition of Hedo being completely overplayed and overrated.
3 – Carmelo Anthony: Grown man business.
4 – Kevin Durant: Half of the USA still doesn’t even know who he is.
5 – Dirk: Quietly having another fine season.
6 – D-Wade: (Getting lazy in my old age.)
7 – Kobe: I guess it wouldn’t have been fair to leave him off the list entirely.
8 – Danny Granger: (See D-Wade.)
9 – Dwight Howard: (Really no excuse for no comment here.)
10 – Chris Kaman: The Caveman is baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!


1 – Tyreke Evans: He literally does it all and actually has the Sacto Queens winning games.  I thought they were stupid to pass up Rubio, but Evans is proving any and every detractor wrong.
2 – Brandon Jennings: Has tailed off a bit after a monster ROY-esque start.
3 – Terrance Williams: Where did you come from?  If the Nets had 5 of him playing each position, they would be at least .500 right now.
4 – Stephen Curry: Only because a personal friend would have been furious if I left him off the list.
5 – Jonny Flynn: I want to put him higher since he’s the third highest scoring rookie, but its tough when he’s a PG and hovering around a 1:1 assist to turnover ratio.

Again: CLICK HERE For the complete results of the First Edition of the Bloguin NBA MVP/ROY Rankings!

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