Game Thread: Wolves vs Raptors (2.10.09)

T-Wolves (17-33) -vs.- Toronto Raptors (19-34)
Target Center, Minneapolis, MN (2.10.09)

It’s the first game of the new “Big Al-less” era of the Minnesota Timberwolves.  How will they react?  Will other players step up?  How many minutes will KevLar be playing?  How we will get his shots off against the opposition’s best post player on a nightly basis?  Will the Wolves be able to score 90 points?  80?  The rest of the season could be some trying times for both the team, and its fans.

With Rhino out in addition to Al, this game has the potential to be a bloodbath.  It most definitely might not be a pretty game.  (They are Raptors after all, of course there will be blood.)  Luckily for us, their All-Star Chris Bosh isn’t playing.  Not that it matters, they will still clobber us. 

So what do you guys think?  Do we have a chance tonight?  Personally, I say hide the women and children.

On a lighter note, I did a mini Q&A with our brother Bloguin site Hoop Heads North.  Since I want you to go check out his new blog, I won’t post my answers here on TWB.  It’s only a click away… go check them out.  (In fairness, I didn’t realize that Bosh wasn’t playing tonight when I answered his third question.)

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