How To Fix The Rookie-Sophomore Game

Fixing the Rookie-Sophomore Game


As you all already probably know, the NBA Rookie-Sophomore All-Star Weekend game is largely a joke.  This game has been utterly dominated by Sophomores in the past, as they are just bigger/stronger/faster than their rookie counterparts.  Heck, even one of the greatest rookie classes of all time lost this game in 2003 (Lebron/Darko/Carmelo/Bosh/Wade):


Season Result
1994 Phenoms 74, Sensations 68
1995 White 83, Green 79 (OT)
1996 East 94, West 92
1997 East 96, West 91
1998 East 85, West 80
2000 Rookies 92, Sophomores 81 (OT)
2001 Sophomores 121, Rookies 113
2002 Rookies 103, Sophomores 97
2003 Sophomores 132, Rookies 112
2004 Sophomores 142, Rookies 118
2005 Sophomores 133, Rookies 106
2006 Sophomores 106, Rookies 96
2007 Sophomores 155, Rookies 114
2008 Sophomores 136, Rookies 109

And no, this post has nothing to do at all with K-Love getting snubbed, which is a travesty in and of itself.  Anyways I’ve got a brilliant idea to fix this game.  Please tell me that my idea wouldn’t create a TON more excitement for this game?  Anyways, here we go:

  • Designate a Rookie “captain” and a Sophomore “captain.”  Perhaps the captain would be the player from each class that got the most votes for the game.  Or the highest scoring average player.  Either way, one captain for each team.
  • Take the the pool of all 18 players selected for the game.
  • Starting with the Sophomore captain, they then alternate and choose which player is on their squad, like good ol’ playground pickup ball.

There, simple as that!  Can you imagine the drama/excitement created?  Which rookie would be picked first?  Which sophomores would the rookie captain pick?  Which ones wouldn’t he pick?

Man, I think it would rock.  And it would put an end to these blowout travesties that are otherwise known as this game.

Thoughts or suggestions?

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