No “Musings” Tonight, Game Thread Instead

Minnesota Timberwolves (10-25)
vs. Milwaukee Bucks (17-20)

So I was all set to do a “Musings of a Wolves Fan” article tonight, since I can’t go to the game because I have to stay home with CW Jr.  However, I just found out that the game isn’t going to be broadcast on TV.  I’m too stupid not tech savvy enough to figure out how to watch it illegally online, plus that seems like a lot of work anyways… and my computer sucks is slow.

So instead, I’ll leave everyone with this game thread so that we can (hopefully) get some comments going during the game and whatnot.  I’ll probably do a bit of boxscore watching online, since that is about the best that I can hope for.  A few things:

–  Will the Wolves make it 5 straight wins?  Hopefully they can build off the pounding that they administered to the Oklahoma City Durants.  I don’t see why we can’t win this one at home, against a marginal at best Bucks squad.
–  Andrew Bogut is OUT for the game.  Big Al and Love should dominate inside. 
–  Can Foye continue his torrid shooting and general great play?  The next five games or so should give an accurate barometer of where he’s at.  He’s had a great 10 game stretch, but you have to admit that it’s been against the dregs of the league lesser competition.
–  I am loving Telfair at point guard.  I knew there was a reason that I had faith in him the past season and a half.
–  Gomes is playing well lately, after a slow start.  Thank goodness because I was getting hammered about his play in the forums.
–  The Bucks currently hold the 8th playoff spot in the East.  They really need this win against the “bottom feeders” of the league.  Can we do our part to derail their playoff hopes?

Feel free to check out and comment in the TWolvesBlog forum game thread if that is more of your thing.

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