Play-by-Play of Wolves vs. Wizards

For those of us that were not able to catch tonight’s Wolves-Wizards summer league game, valued forum member “YoLeo” did a great recap/play-by-play post in our forum.  Feel free to check out the forums for insightful Wolves chatter, and here’s hist post of tonight’s game:


From forum member YoLeo:

Flynn not starting this game for some reason, Bobby Brown getting some early burn.

Ellington is coming out aggressive, hits an early 3. Nick Young is playing like he really wants to be in the starting 5 (Too bad it’ll never come, buried like no other in Washington. Kid from LA’s got game though.), establishing himself on the offensive end with a gorgeous fastbreak hanging layup. Brown is throwing up brick after brick. Ellington’s trying to do a little bit of everything, facilitating to a useless Brown. Wayne’s 2 for 3 with 6 points.

Rick Kamla just spoke with Kahn, Flynn will be coming off the bench later.

Wolves are playing really fast right now, running a lot and getting to the line a lot. Good stuff. Ellington is playing some tenacious D as well, stopping a 1 on 1 break on his own. Flynn finally in, along with Henderson.

Flynn instantly a factor in the game, splitting the D and finds an open teammate at the arc… who misses. Make that twice in 2 consecutive possessions, but Henderson/Oleksiy couldn’t convert. Young still shooting the lights out.

Wow, there goes Flynn again, 3rd offensive possession, dances his defender’s off balance and caught them switching, drives hard, hangs, hits, AND-1!! He’s trying hard to find teammates, but it’s obvious when he wants to score. He does it at will, shown by another gorgeous dribble-drive beautiful reverse lay-in.

Flynn slices through the defense with ease again then somehow finds an open teammate on the wing out of a sea of defenders, but what’s new? Random white guy (Probably Kurz) misses open look after that dish. Another beautiful fake and then good find to another open teammate who bricks.

Ellington picks up a loose ball after a missed drive by Henderson, cuts to the basket and tosses it in right before the 1st quarter buzzer!

Wolves up 27-16, looks easy out there when Flynn’s on the floor directing the team.

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Henderson has been tossing up bricks too, 1-4 now. Flynn continues to break past his defender at the offensive end, on his 2nd quarter possessions, Flynn: Got into the paint and missed a layup in traffic, Got past his defender and finds an open teammate who misses a wide open 3, Got past his defender for 2 layups in a row, Got past his defender and drew a foul while almost converting the shot as well.

I’m just gonna say Flynn everytime this happens because I’m sounding like a broken record now. Flynn just gets by his defender with ease and either finds a wide open teammate who bricks a shot, scores, or draw a foul.

Flynn, on a find.

We’re still up 31-26 now. Henderson isn’t really playing with a good pace right now. Turns it over on a wild drive and dish. Flynn, on a foul. Flynn, and-1 after blowing by 2 different defenders. Kamla hitting on a good point about how Flynn changes gears so well.

WHOA, crowd was just roaring for a bit. Nick Young tried to post up Flynn after Flynn’s and-1, but Flynn was D’ing him up chest to chest and kept him mid-range, and then Young took advantage of height advantage to make a turnaround J with Flynn in his grill. Then Flynn starts the break after the made basket for absolutely BEAUTIFUL dish through traffic on the break to Syler [sp?] for a big jam. Young rushed down the court to fire a heat-check jumper which was off, but it’s obvious that it’s Flynn vs. Young here. Wolves up 38-32. Flynn playing the 2 now.

Wow, Flynn with the skying-hanging lay-in. Most definitely should have been an and-1. As Kamla just said, Flynn having the best game of the SL so far. Has 16 so far (5/6 FGs, 6/6 FTs, 1 assist-1 TO, even though he should have at least 5 assists if he had real teammates). Young has 14 and nil for every other category, as he showed a few times last season (Kid can most definitely score, but most definitely not do anything else).

Bobby Brown finally hit an ugly-looking 3. 1st half comes to a close, Wolves hold the lead up 43-36.

Quote of the first half: “Kid can play…” – David Kahn to Rick Kamla at the end of the half.

Devin Green is showing a lil somethin-somethin’, aggresive drive and drawing the foul, then some tenacious D to strip the ball out of bounds. He did some of this in the 1st half as well. Wolves offense looks completely stagnant out there, forcing 2 bad shots at the end of the shot clock after dribbling around until the clock is almost up… maybe it has to do with Flynn not being in there?

Brown with another 3, but not a great possession. Fired it up almost instantly with no ball movement. We’re quite lucky we’re playing the Wizards to be honest, as they’re just giving away possessions and fouls to us, might explain how Flynn has gotten to the basket at ease. Brown hoists up a brick.

A decent pick and pop between Brown and Pecherov, but that was rushed at the end of the shot clock once again. Ellington nails a 3 after missing a bank lay-up attempt, courtesy to Pecherov’s hustle. Pecherov doing some nice dirty work all around, the pudge white kid is showing some hustle.

We’re playing no D out there; game’s close with us up 53-50.

J-Fly back in finally. Both sides a bit stagnant now, Young finally gets something going for the Wizards with a nice close range J. Wolves aren’t getting much out there, honestly it’s because Flynn isn’t getting a lot of touches since he’s playing the 2 with Brown at the 1. Splash…. another 3 for Young.

Wooooooow! A poster Shaq-esque dunk by Siler after gobbling up an offensive board. And-1… geez that was on the whole Washington team. The is one big boy, 6’11”, 305. Flynn, on a find, but Ellington can’t convert on a wide open 3. Wolves only up 1, 56-55.

Great strip by Flynn after getting beat on a dribble-drive. Washington forced into a long range brick. I’ll say this, Ellington isn’t afraid to shoot, even though they’re all off right now. Flynn just froze his defender with his handles, but threw it away on a miscommunication play after the pretty drive. Turnover #2 and we’re down 1 now.

God da*n, another beautiful drive by Flynn through the whole Wizards team and put up a gorgeous lay-in off the glass. After Nick Young threw up an UGLY brick, Flynn rushes back down the court and draws a non-shooting foul. Flynn gets the ball to Henderson who finally makes something happen on a strong/desperate drive to the hoop, luckily made it. I don’t think Flynn gets the helper for that though.

Ahhhhhhhhhhh, Flynn just crossed over his defender on a break with just 5 seconds left in the quarter and missed an open mid-range J right before the buzzer sounded. Can’t make everything right?

We’re back up again 60-57 going into the 4th.

Gotta give Adam Parada some credit for a nice stuff at the end of the 3rd to start that last Flynn drive, almost started the 4th with the same play after Flynn got beat, but they called the foul. Bleh. Thanks for making an open shot Rob Kurz, then he ties up his man for the jumpball, and we get it back.

Jeezus, another Flynn dribble drive and tough finish in traffic off the window. It’s too easy for him today in Las Vegas. AGAIN, dribble drive and finds Ellington wide open, who learned how to make baskets again, for 3. Washington returns the 3-ball call, then makes a create defensive play to stop Flynn on the drive and knock the ball off of Flynn.

Ellington is getting hot now, just knocked down a J in Blatche‘s grill. Game is going at a blistering pace now. Flynn just hit Kurz on a beautiful drive no-look, but Kurz was apparently no-looking as well, out of bounds off Kurz. Washington’s gone cold. Blatche looked pissed as he just pounded Flynn in the air on Flynn’s drive, a bit of yapping there. I think Blatche is mad that he still can’t find how to consistently play ball, I mean he is 0/9 at this point. Flynn shakes his head at him and laughs it off.

Ok, I’m not even embellishing here. J-Fly just picked the ball from Washington before they even made an outlet pass, a 3 on 1 opportunity and he makes a Chris Paul-esque flair pass to Parada who is fouled trying to slam it home. Some random dude on the Wizards who fouled was hit with a technical, Flynn knocks down the free one. That pass looked 3x more amazing in the replay up close… too bad we’ll never see that gem again probably due to inability to finish on Parada’s behalf. Henderson gets a put-back in after a missed FT.

After a bad possession, Flynn ends up with the ball, dribbles with barely any time left on the clock and then slips, turnover. Flynn nearly turns it over on the next possession again after splitting the D, but keeps it alive… he needs to turn it down 2 notches real quick. Wolves were up 9 earlier, but it’s now cut to 3 with 4 minutes left.

Pecherov cashes in the 3 off a Flynn dime. Good things happen when Flynn gets touches. Pecherov is getting some confidence now, posted up the best player on the other team (Nick Young), backs him all the way down to the paint and lays it in, we’re up 78-72.

2:46 left, Wolves up 6. Blatche gets an easy lay-in with no D in sight to cut it to 4. 2 in a row for him now. Wizards getting antsy and touchy on the defensive end now. Yet again, it fails to amaze me now, Flynn gets to the paint with ease and finds Pecherov for 3. Wizards get some easy ones, lead is 3. Now Flynn once again finds Devin Green for a 3 now, Flynn now pumped on the defensive end clapping his hands. Blatche another bucket, only 4 point game with a minute left.

Flynn dismantles Washington’s defense again and gets one of those patented fancy lay-up attempts off the glass, but it hangs on the rim and falls off, but to the big boy Siler who is hacked and converts 1/2 from the charity stripe. 85-80 with 39 seconds left, Wolves up.

Phew, my fingers are tiiiired! Game’s almost over now though. Blatche now connects on his last 4 buckets, 3 point game. Pecherov doesn’t hesitate to take an ill-advised 3 immediately which bricks (Too much confidence now man… slow down). Washington pushes it up and Nick Young goes for the tie….. and it’s off! Siler with the board and he’s hacked. He converts 2, Blatche off on the final 3, Devin Green decides to dunk the ball with no one even trying to play anymore with 2 seconds left, show some sportsmanship man…

Wolves take home this game home 88-82 way to go! Flynn is w/o a doubt the player of the game and showed that he’s definitely ahead of the competition at this point. Had to see it to believe it. Flynn’s being interviewed by Kamla now and I’m out, good stuff!

J-Fly finishes the game with 21 pts, 3 boards, 5 dimes, 3 turnovers on 7/11 FGs and 7/7 FTs.
Ellington goes for 19, 3, and 1, with 4 treys on 6/14 FG’s, 4/9 3-ptrs, and 3/4 FT’s.


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