Possible Upcoming Wolves Headlines

I don’t know about you, but at this point, I’d believe just about any headline that appeared in one of SG’s daily updates.  After all, we’ve already suffered through “Wolves Re-Acquire Mark Blount”; I nearly had a coronary when I read that one.  How much worse can it get?

With that in mind, I thought I’d jot down a few possibilities that we might see over the coming weeks.

Wolves Trade for Quentin Richardson Again
“We forgot we already had him,” say team execs

Consumer Outcry Forces 20 More Wolves Games off Local TV
Will be replaced with “Real Housewives of Stearns County: Battle for the Last Barstool”

Wikipedia Gives Up, Deletes Wolves Roster
Foundation had to dedicate entire server to handle changes, needs to recapture computing time

Darius Songalia Forced to Admit He’ll Actually Play in Minnesota
Forward says he was “pretty sure it was a bad dream”

Mark Madsen Unaware Wolves Did Not Claim Him Off Waivers

Despite his presence on the bench every night, accounting department insists, “We’re not paying him”

Mysterious Ricky Rubio Tweets Finally Translated
Language that baffled scholars was Spanish; Minnesota “smells like musty cheese,” says update

Wolves’ Kahn Writes “Moneyball”-Style Book – About Himself!
Book is subtitled, “Why I’m Super Awesome”

McHale Clotheslines Rambis at First Official Practice
Glen Taylor involved, unrepentant

Don’t think it could happen? We’ve seen weirder already this year…

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