The Bloggosphere’s Take On The Wizards

Check out the fantastic new Washington Wizards blog, Agent Dagger.  Anyways, he asked fellow NBA bloggers what they thought about the Wizard’s prospects for this upcoming NBA season, and I partook in his offer.  You can check out his full post and all the input HERE.

As I said, I participated.  Here was my input:

“The Wizards should have a much better season than last year, but by how much they improve remains to be seen.  Who knows about Arenas, and us Wolves fans know first hand just exactly what assets Foye and Miller will bring to a club (or lack thereof.)  All in all, there is hope in D.C. this season, especially if they can get a few lucky breaks along the way.  And I do think Flip will be a great coach for their squad.

I see them finishing somewhere around 5-6 in the Eastern Conference.  If they get really lucky, maybe 4th.”

– I just had to give some love to Foye and Miller.  Or not.

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