The Ricky Rubio Situation

All this Rubio talk is driving me insane.  I could post a thousand links from bloggers/writers/National Media from the past 2 weeks, but what’s the point?  No one really knows what’s happening.  It’s all pure speculation and innuendo.  And it should really stop.  Aren’t people going freaking crazy bored and tired about commenting on the same tired speculation and quotes over and over and over and over times infinity

Here’s what I think about the situation:









Let’s just all step back and relax. The situation will eventually resolve itself.  It’s going to take some TIME.  His buyout needs to be figured out with Joventut.  Just take a breath and relax.  If Rubio wants to play in the NBA, it will be with the Wolves (unless we stupidly trade him.)  Time is on our side.  Maybe he stays in Spain for another year or two, big deal.  He’d only be 20 years old two years from now.  The Wolves (and us fans) can afford to wait.  As long as he doesn’t suffer a career ending injury, he’s only a BIGGER asset for our club in two years. 

We can all stop worrying and focus about more important things, namely, how the hell is this Wolves team going to win games next year?  We need scoring.  Heck, we need actual NBA players.  Let’s just see what Kahn can do between now and when the season starts.  I’m not overly confidant about our team next year, but I’m not going to waste time speculating on the Rubio situation. 

We might be the anti-Bulls next year (record = 10-72), but at least then we’ll have a better draft pick that we still don’t owe the LA Clippers.



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