Why Not Bill Simmons?

Why Not Bill Simmons?

(submitted by Jeff420Smith)


1)  Dennis Lindsey – San Antonio Spurs Assistant General Manager

2)  Randy Pfund – Former Miami Heat General Manager

3)  Tom Penn – Portland Trail Blazers Assistant General Manager


According to the recent rumblings in the Twittosphere, Bill Simmons has apparently divorced himself from the TWolves GM job, because [he said] he was disappointed that the organization didn’t contact him, and also because they lied about the number of people that emailed about interviewing him for the vacant GM position.  He also said he was now going to go after the LA Clippers GM job. But lets not kid ourselves (I’m talking to you Simmons), everyone knows that he would jump at this chance if our Front Office actually extended an interview. 

With the recent withdrawal of Tom Penn, all I can say is… “Why not Bill Simmons?”  Why don’t we give him a chance?  Honestly, what do we have to lose at this point?  Our organization is one of the laughingstocks of the entire league, and according to whomever one listens to reporting on our GM “search”, Glen Taylor is somewhere between “horribly incompetent” and “completely clueless” in this endeavour.

I’m not going to go into the X’s and O’s of hiring Simmons as our GM, because thousands and thousands of words have already been written on this subject.  I will say that he’s funny, engaging, and knowledgeable about the NBA.  Are the plethora of re-tread front office executives that go from team to team ALL really a better potential hire than Simmons?  (cough cough just say NO to David Kahn cough cough)  I am not so sure. And really, how hard is the job?  You only have to work 20 hours per week (citation Kevin McHale), you don’t draft Ndudi Ebi, you don’t sign slightly above-average players to illegal contracts, and you don’t trade Brandon Roy for Randy Foye.  Hell, maybe I should be the new GM.

At the very least, Bill Simmons makes this franchise relevant.  That’s all that some of us fans are even asking for at this point.

And now, let’s imagine our future with Bill Simmons as the new General Manager of the Minnesota Timberwolves!  Continue on with this article to see some excellent submissions that I have received over the past few days.

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I’m not entirely what is going on here, because Bill Simmons wouldn’t come to the Timberwolves as a player.  Nor would he EVER slam dunk a basketball.  Still, it is a relevant submission.

(submitted by HairyNipple)

This is kind of funny.  Hopefully you all can read the text on your monitors, but that might not since I had to make the image smaller.  Still, a very, very fine and creative entry.  I didn’t know if this picture was legitimate or fake until I saw Randy Foye’s stats.  Then I knew…

(submitted by TWB forum member Czaras)

Note how happy he looks.  (This picture was taken pre-draft lottery.)

(submitted by Jeff420Smith)

This cracks me up because of the rudimentary nature.  I seriously can’t stop laughing whenever I see this one.  This takes technology back a solid 10 years.

(submitted by TWB forum member Bonk)


(submitted by Jeff420Smith)

Another pre-draft lottery photo.

(submitted by stewsa)



(submitted by Derek M.)

This picture was my second favorite.  A very close second.  Great stuff here.

(submitted by BoSoxBob)

I just can’t get over this photo.  It is great in every way.  The detail and execution is fantastic, and I love the insertion of Rubio, the player #1 on my draft wish list.  My favorite submission.

(submitted by stewsa)

Thanks Everyone!

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