Just seems like one of those sports Misery Mondays in Minnesota, with the sudden realization that the Timberwolves are now the hot ticket in town, just out-edging Brett Favre’s genitals and rejected AARP applications. The Vikings have waived Randy Moss 3 weeks after his acquisition. Might as well!

Hey, at least we get to see Borderline-psycho LeBron James take a liquid dump on Anthony Tolliver tomorrow night. Good Lord, why do we subject ourselves to this? Time to start following the traveling Cirque du Soleil

But hey, the Wolves are long and athletic! Unlike Favre’s member. Zing!

More intelligent commentary coming soon when we remember to update the front page to something other than the latest win late last week. We did lose by about 60 to the mediocre Grizzlies this weekend. 


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