A Brief Friday Darko Perspective

Valued forum member Wolfenstein came out with a thoughtful post this morning that included his observations of Darko compared to another tremendously overrated, white prospect. These types of posts are always interesting to read and think about as we dive deeper into the absurdities of NBA and Timberwolves fandom this season. Take it away Wolfenstein:
Just for kicks…

Player A is a 7 foot Center from Eastern Europe. He is starting his first full year with his new team. He is 24 years old. Through the first few games of the season, his statistical line is:

13.3 mpg, 2-7 fgm-fga, .286 fg%, 1-2 ftm-fta, .500 ft%, 0.7 ORb, 2.3 DRb, 3.0 TRb, .33 Stl, .67 Blk, 1.67 TO, 3.00 PF, 0.3 Ast, 1.7 Ppg

Player B is a 7 foot Center from Eastern Europe. He is also playing his first full year with his new team. He just turned 25 years old. Through his first few games, his statistical line is:

20.4 mpg, 4-28 fgm-fga, .143 fg%, 6-9 ftm-fta, .667 ft%, 0.8 ORb, 2.3 DRb, 4.8 TRb, .60 Stl, 2.60 Blk, 2.20 TO, 2.80 PF, 0.8 Ast, 2.8 Ppg

For the sake of argument, let’s say that Player A just signed a multi-year contract this summer starting at, oh, say.. $3,567,096 for this year. Player B signed a multi-year contract this summer starting at about $4.3 million.

Player A is being lauded as a brilliant signing and the future of a franchise while the National media takes turns taking pot shots at Player B, who in spite of his terrible (I mean TERRIBLE) shooting, still manages to post a positive PER (0.49, but still). Hero of the franchise Player A is at -1.94.

As you may have figured out, Player A is Timofey Mozgov, and Player B is Darko. Now I am not normally a Darko apologist, and his shooting has been awful. Vomit-in-your-mouth-when-you-think-about-it-awful. But he is still playing a role, and he is a finesse center who needs to develop in a number of areas, but most importantly his competitiveness (because competitive fire breeds confidence).

Centers typically peak in their late twenties and early thirties, since savvy and technique is so much more important in the post than athleticism.

I’m not suggesting Darko will develop, I’m just suggesting that the possibility is there. Sample size is everything, and 5 games (against some nasty competition) is too small a sample to be throwing in the towel on the big fella. 

Wolfenstein makes a good point here. Of course, Mosgov is a rookie and has a little more upside due to his age, while Darko has had numerous chances and once ripped his own jersey off during a game (look it up). Plus, since Mosgov was undrafted, he must be the next Ben Wallace/Anthony Morrow-type hidden, undrafted gem. Furthermore, Donnie Walsh signed him so he must be an all-star in the making, while Darko can’t possibly be at least a serviceable role player for the sole reason that he was once picked ahead of Melo, Wade and Bosh. That’s just how it works, I guess.

It is difficult to understand the level of thinking when it comes to the national media and others needlessly trashing the Wolves while  they,  for example, praise this Mosgov guy. There are countless scenarios in which things like this happen…. and then I slowly remember we lost by 42 points the other night and it kind of starts to make sense. Alas. 

Oh the absurdities of NBA Fandom. 


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