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NBA PLAYOFFS organized for NBA blogs to do a Q&A session with Sekou Smith.  Basically, a TON of blogs submitted questions to, and they selected some totally awesome and knowledge inducing questions that they liked, and give to him for his response.
I didn’t want to miss the opportunity, so of course I sent a few questions.  One of which was selected.  Among other things, I asked:

What’s your dream NBA Finals match up and why?


To see how Smith responded, head over to the Sekou Smith Blogger Q&A at

For fun, here’s how we at TWB answered the question:

College Wolf:

Celtics vs. Suns – As much as I loooooooooooove LeBron and would thoroughly enjoy seeing him in the Finals, I just can’t pick the Cavs here.  The problem is that the Cavs are boring to watch (besides LeBron), and the rest of his team sucks.  (Never mind it’s the best team he’s ever had.  Egads.)  The Celtics are back.  They are rejunivated.  They turn it on for the playoffs.  Whatever you want to say.  I dunno about ya’ll, but Rondo is one of the most exciting players in the league to watch play.  I love that kid (good thing the Wolves didn’t get him in the KG trade.  Double Face Palm.)  It’s great to see KG and the Celtics playing well again, which might be the final time the trio formerly known as “The Big Three” makes a deep playoff run.  I also like Dwight Howard a lot, but ehhh… who wants to see the Magic in the Finals again?

In the West, I hate the Lakers.  Literally.  I hate their entire team except Artest (stud), MBENGA (how can you hate him?), and A-Mo (he = unintentional comedy.) I can’t stand everyone else.  I don’t think I need to even go on about Kobe.  Anyways, it would be great to see them lose the Finals to the Celtics (again.)  However, the only thing better would be to see them lose in the conference finals to the Suns (of ALL the teams…)  So, I don’t particularly want the Suns to make the Finals, but I certainly don’t want the Lakers to make it.  Plus, the fallout from losing to the Suns in the WCF would be epic and hilarious.  I hope it happens.  Who doesn’t love a good train-wreck?* 

* (Please see photo below.)

College Wolf

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