Bloguin’s 2009-2010 Final MVP/ROY Rankings

I realize this is a little late being that the playoffs are already in full-swing, but here are the final results from the Bloguin Blogger 2009-10 MVP/ROY voting.  It’s been fun, and its hard to believe another season has already come and gone.

A big thanks to LIVES from Knicks Fantatics for hosting the final edition.  The results turned out great, as he did a fantastic job (as always!) KF is a great blog, check it out if you are a fan of the Knicks (booooo) or the NBA in general.  The Final MVP results can be found HERE.  The Final ROY results can be found HERE.

Not too much of a surprise, but LeBron and Ty Evans took home the final hardware.  And as well they should have, they clearly deserved it.  Here’s how I voted for the final edition:


MVP (1 = first, 10 = tenth)
1 – LeBron: This should clearly be a clean sweep.  Anyone that puts someone else first is just being obnoxious.
2 – Durant: Close to winning it, but there should be many more opportunities to come in his career.  Clearly the Fantasy NBA player of the year, if that’s any consolation.
3 – D-Wade:
Has anyone else in the NBA done more with less this season?
4 – Dwight Howard: Gets grossly overlooked for his impact on both ends of the court.  One of the best defensive players in the NBA, and a terror on offense as well.
5 – Carmelo:
Man I dislike him, but god, he’s so good.
6 – Dirk: Simply, he’s having one of the best seasons of his career.
7 – Deron Williams: One of three players to average a double-double on the season because of 10.0 assists per game or greater.
8 – Chris Bosh:
Before he went down, was a dominant force.
9 – Kobe: Ughghghghghghghg
10 – Zach Randolph: No one saw this season coming from him, NO ONE.
ROY (1 = first, 5 = fifth)
1 – Ty Evans: Total, complete stud.  Averaged 20/5/5 as a rookie, rarified air with MJ, Oscar, and LeBron.
2 – Brandon Jennings: Leading his team to the playoffs played a big part in his second place rank.
3 – Stephen Curry: I still think his stats are inflated due to Nellie-Ball.
4 – Reggie Williams: Holy crap, where did this stud come from?
5 – Terrance Williams: Reggie’s illigitimate brother.
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