Darko and Pekovic Need a Nickname!

Our new big men need a nickname.
Past T-Wolves (agonizingly subpar and soft) big men have been pushed around for far too long in the post… but not THIS YEAR.  We’ve got the Serbian Gangsta.  We’ve got The Big Pecker.  No more nice little timberpuppies.
So what do you guys think?  Our Serbian Hitsquad need a proper nickname.

“The Serbian Stockade”

“The Great European Embankment”

“15 Feet of Foreign Fortification”

Or, when referring to just one of them we could use “The Slo-Mo From Montenegro.”

Those are just a few for starters, but I’m sure you all can do better in the comments…
***UPDATE: If I had to choose one favorite so far, I think I’d go with: “The Eastern Bloc(k)”
Nice.  Keep ’em coming.
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