Dime Exclusive: The Ultimate Bloggers’ Guide To The NBA Draft

Finally, the NBA draft is here.  FINALLY!  The last 4 days have seemed like a month.  Good grief, it’s been brutal.  Anyways, T-Minus 36 minutes until the draft, and I’ve got to get going.  But I just wanted to post this here first, you know, for “official record” and all that stuff (aka bragging rights.)  Dime Magazine contacted bloggers representing all the teams in the lottery except the Washington Wizards, because we all already know they are taking John Wall.  Check out the awesome article from some great NBA Bloggers: “Dime Exclusive: The Ultimate Bloggers’ Guide To The NBA Draft”
Here’s my entry for the TWolves with the #4 pick, with my top 3 “realistic choices” and who I think we should take and why:

No. 4 – Minnesota Timberwolves – Dave Kelsey of TWolvesBlog

1. DeMarcus Cousins
2. Derrick Favors
3. Wesley Johnson

On the bright side, 10 years from now everyone could potentially be looking back and saying DeMarcus Cousins was the best player from this Draft. Do I really believe that? No… not really. But he does have tons of ridiculous upside potential. On the other hand, he is also potentially Starbury-esque crazy. Everything about him is “questionable,” but he might be the most talented player in the Draft. He fills a need on our team (center), and the Wolves can’t afford to “play it safe” this Draft. We need to hit a home run, so to speak. You have to take him in this spot.


To see the rest of them, again, check out Dime Exclusive: The Ultimate Bloggers’ Guide To The NBA Draft

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