Free Tickets For All Your Suffering

Our Wolvies Organization is presenting free tickets to pretty much anyone interested, for readers of select blogs.  As a thank you for the continued support of the team, fans will receive TWO FREE tickets to the season finale against Detroit on Wednesday night, by simply visiting this page:

I can’t even think of a sarcastic or antagonistic angle to approach this from, as it’s a great deal for fans and a nice show of appreciation.  Or maybe they just want to have more than 5,000 fans at the game, so they are giving away as many tickets as possible.  I dunno.  Either way, I suggest anyone that is interested in attending a free game this Wednesday, to hit up the Timberwolves for their offer, by clicking HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Maybe free tickets to this game helps to maybe make up for this season a little bit, maybe not. Still, it’s a nice gesture.  Also, if you follow that link, you’ll notice that they are doing their darndest to interact and foster relationships with the blogging and online Wolves community.  Check it out for more info, and some pretty cool things it appears that they will be offering to fans in the future.  Stuff like locker room tours, shootaround tours, Target Center tours, Courtside reporting, hanging out with Jim Pete and Hanny (Ahhhhh egads, no!!!), meeting the coaching staff, having luncheons with Kahn, etc etc etc.  Some stuff would be pretty cool, and you can select up to three choices if you fill out their handy dandy form.
Have it at world.
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