From Sham: The Best of What’s Left

I admit, personally I have been on a bit of a hiatus lately. An aggresive job hunt, a move, a new dog, a variety of Wolves moves that have rendered me speechless, and a few other things have kept me from posting much other the past month+. However, apparantly based on a few bits of loose information I have gathered, the Wolves need to sign some guys to bring our cap number up to the minimum amount required. This, of course, makes the Sessions trade all the more silly, but let’s just move on.

One of my most favorite sports blogs, Sham Sports, has posted an extremely in depth review of the remaining free agents on the market. This thing is huge and likely will require multiple trips to the corner stall, so prepare yourself. The Sham simply cannot be outdone and I encourage anyone to consistently read his very unique and awesome content as much as possible. Simply an incredible site for NBA junkies, as I have said before. Anyhow, I encourage all to check out this link to read about some of the guys could and should bring in to boost the payroll. It was published last week, so I apologize if anyone else has read this fantastic write-up. Enjoy.

Here is the LINK if it’s too tough to pick out above!



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