How to Fix the NBA Draft Lottery


In light of the debacle that was last night, here is what I believe to be the best, greatest, most awesomest solution to the epic fail that is the current NBA Draft Lottery.  I saw this proposed again on the internets, but have seen it a while back in the past.  I can’t remember where I first saw it, or I’d give credit to that person.  Anyways, read on:


So here’s the proposed solution.  First, there would be a coin toss between #13 Toronto and #14 Houston, with the higher seed (Toronto) calling the toss. The loser would get the 14th pick and the winner would move on to a coin toss against #12 Memphis. The process would continue until ultimately, one team would have a coin toss with #1 New Jersey for the first pick.

There are many advantages to this system. First, it would make it easier for the worst teams to get the top pick than under the current system. Second, the furthest any team would fall in the draft order would be one slot. Third, every team would have a shot at moving up some number of spots in the draft. Lastly, I think this draft “tournament” would make for more interesting viewing, as teams win the head-to-head match-ups and move up the board.


–  I love that it gives the worse teams much better chances at the top picks, as that is the way it should be anyways.

–  And let’s be honest, 5+ teams won’t massively tank every season. First, they would have to want the top pick, right? There won’t be 5+ teams with like 12-15 wins each year. And what team in their right mind would tank for like the 3rd worst record? That won’t happen. I think tanking would be blatantly obvious under this scenario.

–  This would be entertaining as hell, and nobody would get screwed.

*For what it’s worth, in 21 years the highest the Wolves have ever drafted was THIRD.  And that was when we actually had the third worst record, and merely maintained our draft position. We have maintained our position 6 times out of 13 years in the lottery.  The other 7 times we were moved backwards.
Third.  In 21 years.

Everyone email/fax/snail mail this to Stern and other such NBA officials.  We can make it happen!  Just like our success with the MacGyver Mascot.  Oh wait…

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