Kahn Continues to “Maximize Assets”, Trades Sessions/Hollins/pick to Cleveland for West/Telfair

Per Marc Spears. Surely more details forthcoming.

Cleveland trades Delonte West and Sebastian Telfair to Minnesota for Ramon Sessions, Ryan Hollins and a draft pick, a source told Y! Sports.

Wolves could waive Delonte West, only guaranteed $500,000, to further get under the salary cap, and trade Telfair, source tells Y! Sports.

Let’s not fool ourselves into thinking we are going to flip Delonte’s non-guaranteed deal. This is another salary dump. I understand the financial position this team is in, but…really? Discuss.


***UPDATE: John Hollinger ripping us on Twitter:

If they waive West, T’wolves just traded last year’s two free agent signings for a No. 3 point guard. Remind me again what the plan is here?
about 1 hour ago via web

70 replies in half an hour for a T’wolves Tweet on a Monday night in late July. Who knew Kahn could move the needle like this? #KAHHHHHHN!!!
26 minutes ago via web

On a related note, my offseason losers column runs tomorrow. Already filed before this trade. Let’s just say I won’t need to add any teams.
25 minutes ago via web

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