Kahn says Michael Beasley “smoked too much weed” in Miami

Ummmmm… what?  Why would Kahn say this?  At least he has apparently stopped.  Hopefully.  I will add that this doesn’t exactly appear to be the greatest thing for Beasley’s image. 

From Tom Pelissero at 1500ESPN.com:

Rumors about Michael Beasley’s drug use dogged him during his two disappointing seasons with the Miami Heat, and Minnesota Timberwolves president David Kahn didn’t overlook the issue when he traded for Beasley earlier this month.

But Kahn continues to speak highly of the former No. 2 overall pick’s potential — in part because Beasley has assured him he’s done with dope.

“He’s a very young and immature kid who smoked too much marijuana and has told me that he’s not smoking anymore, and I told him that I would trust him as long as that was the case,” Kahn said this morning, during an interview that will air at 1:40 p.m. on 1500 ESPN Twin Cities

Oh boy, I hope the Michael Beasley T-Wolves era goes well. I really want to like him. Seriously, I do.  On the bright side, I guess Kahn’s honesty in addressing this should be noted.  Overall, I don’t see Kahn speaking out to be a problem, although a players influences/friends/environments can really have quite an effect on some athletes… so who knows if Beasley has truly changed? 

Here’s to a fresh start, and for (hopefully) Beasley’s dominance as a T-Wolf!

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