Macgyver is in the Building!

It’s done. Mission Accomplished. After a long three weeks in which some of the greatest men, women, and beasts of our time battled to the death, our mascot has made into NBA Entertainment Headquarters just in time for tonight’s draft lottery.

Getting Macgyver into the building wasn’t an easy feat to pull off. We tried enlisting the help of correspondant, Jonah Ballow, but met dead ends. To his credit, he was helpful, but with Kahn currently outside of Minnesota, a chance to pair him with the mascot just never materialized. We also tried going through Kahn’s “lucky charm”, Paul Allen of KFAN. Either he doesn’t respond to his emails, or he didn’t feel like sharing the credit for a top pick with our mascot. Little shady, but whatever.In the end, I used my detective skills to hunt down the number of the fax machine for NBA Entertainment. It was a last-ditch effort, but it was successful. Macgyver IS in the building!

When I sent the fax, I put it to the Attention of David Kahn and let him know that with Macgyver in his pocket, we’d be destined for a #1 pick. Will the NBAE intern deliver our message, or just be confused and chuck him in the trash? I don’t have the answer. I sent the fax on hospital letterhead and signed it Derek Hanson,MD. I figured that may carry a little more weight than a fax from Joe Nobody, but who knows? If Macgyver gets to Kahn, that’s awesome. If he’s in the trash bin, no harm done. This is Macgyver we’re talking about! He’s the man who makes the impossible happen in the most improbably ways. It’s almost more fitting that he sneaks into NBAE via fax ends up in garbage rather than being carried in as a VIP with Kahn. Either way, we can all breathe easy now. We’ve reached the end of our journey.

Macgyver won’t let us down.

Derek Hanson

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