Mock Draft Contest Winner!

In lieu of us all getting depressed at what in god’s name Kahn is up to this offseason (“you just wait, he has a plan!!!!”…right.), I almost forgot about the mock draft contest from a few weeks back.

When one develops an overcomplicated scoring system, it simply takes a little longer than normal to score. Add that to the hint of apathy creeping into my bloodstream as we slowly transform into the the first all-Caucasian team since the 1950’s when we add David Lee and now apparently Luke Ridnour to the roster and, well, I just need a few extra days. Shoot me.

To be honest, most people who submitted an entry failed miserably. And that’s okay. Based on the scoring, the people who tried to get cute in the top 4, and those who picked Udoh in the 7-10 range were out of contention immediately. Corect picks after 8 were few and far between, so that was not pivitol to the results. There were two standouts, Alex from Minneapolis, and our own College Wolf. The winner of this years contest is ALEX from Minneapolis with a score of 19 points, edging CW by 2. Alex nailed it by guessing the first 8 picks correctly, as well as Babbitt at 16. Good work! Congratulations on winning the free tickets!

‘Til next year, when we can dream up Luke Ridnour trade scenarios on draft night…


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