Pack Your Bags, Jonny Flynn

10 Possible Reasons Jonny Flynn is Going Back to the (effin’) D-League:

1. When you add him to the roster you can no longer commit significant playing time to career backups like Sebastian Telfair. Bassy need mo’ time.

2. The practice court isn’t wide enough for Flynn to join in team conditioning drills.

3. Flynn’s hip feels better when he can shoot the ball 35 times a game.

4. Kahn wants Flynn’s stats to look better in comparison with (former Wolves draft pick) Ty Lawson’s current stretch of brilliant play.

5. Management is hoping for another injury so we can all just forget about him and usher in the Ricky Rubio era next year.

6. Waiting to debut him against a starting PG that’s less than two times better (Dec. 20 vs. Eric Bledsoe looks good!).

7. Getting back to NBA game speed is much easier to do in a league full of players who by-and-large will never make it to the NBA.

8. Needs time to whiten teeth for looming smile opportunities on the NBA stage.

9. Has to hone his full-court outlet passing so Kevin Love doesn’t have to do it all the time.

10. Team is already tanking to try and FINALLY get the #1 pick. Adding a healthy Flynn to the mix might stop the team from sinking low enough to have a realistic shot.

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