Please Come Back Roundhouse (and other TWolves fans!)


Our illustrious T-WolvesBlog Writer/Agitator “Roundhouse” has reportedly sworn off the T-Wolves after their latest draft day escapade of failure.



For any of you that have been paying attention to the interwebz, our own Roundhouse is far from the only one that has sworn off allegiance to this team.  Perhaps it was a hasty response by some?  I know I was very close, but you can’t just leave a team.  Not unless something far more drastic happens than this putrid draft by KAHN.  (See: Bill Simmons article about the rules for switching the team you follow.  However, I can’t find a link at the moment, sorry. I did four google searches and still couldn’t find it.)

On one hand, we don’t blame him (and others) for leaving.  But should they decide it was a hasty decision and want to come back, we are very accepting. 

Here’s a poll, what do you guys think?


Can we expect Roundhouse back to TWolves fandom with the rest of us saps?

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