Q&A with “Project Spurs”… Part Deux!

We’re back again with Jeff from Project Spurs for another Q&A, as the Wolves look to avenge last Wednesday’s heart-breaking loss at the Target Center to San Antonio.  If you know anything, you already know that Project Spurs is a great site. I’ll also link to my Q&A over at PS later today when it’s up.

 I would have had this post up sooner for the early risers this morning, and with more of a kickass intro, but I became sicker than #)@! yesterday and have been out of action.  I’m sure there’s a “from-watching-the-TWolves” joke in there somewhere…


Here’s my side of the Q&A posted over at Project Spurs!

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Thanks as always Jeff!

College Wolf: On a scale of 1 to infinity, how worried were you about losing to the lowly T-Wolves (at any point), during our first match-up last week?

Project Spurs:  Very worried. OK, it’s even better. Right when the fourth quarter started and the Wolves were up big, I actually turned off the TV. Yeah… totally regretting it now seeing how I missed the huge comeback.


CW: Admit it, the Wolves got kinda screwed at the end of the fourth quarter.  Specifically, when Gary Neal was “fouled” by Wes Johnson on that three point attempt with the Spurs trailing by 3.  Or am I wrong here?

PS: Soooo wrong. Neal went up for the shot and Johnson got him while shooting. Now excuse me while I take off my Spurs homer-glasses. (CW EDITOR NOTE: Got him where?  Neal kicked his leg out which barely grazed Johnson, and other than that  he never actually touched him…)


CW: What surprised you, good or bad, about the TWolves in our first game.  Anything about the team?  Any of our players in particular?

PS:  What stood out for me the most was the Wolves did not back down to an elite team like the Spurs. They did not just curl up in a ball and roll over. They took it right at the Spurs, who were caught by surprise. Also, Darko stood out for me. He has developed his post moves and plays smart. A far cry from his early days. Can you say POSSIBLE Most Improved Player of the Year candidate?


CW: Likewise to you, what adjustments do the Spurs need to make, if any,  for tonight’s game?

PS:  Quite simple: no complacency. I feel the Spurs walked into the last game thinking “easy win.” They cannot head into this game with the same mentality. They should respect the Wolves, and then crush them.


CW: Any key match-ups, or talking points that you’d like to touch upon before the game?  And your predication as well?

PS: The Spurs are coming off a stunning loss to the Clippers. THE CLIPPERS!!!! So they take it out on the Wolves tonight. I expect to see much more focus from the Spurs.
As far as match-ups I want to see how the Spurs bigs play Darko and Kevin Love. Last time out those two guys took it to the Spurs.

Spurs win a close one in San Antonio. No OT but final should be 101-90.


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