Rejoice, for the T-Wolves Have a Legitimate NBA SG


So the T-Wolves lost to the Warriors 99-108 tonight, despite the fact that they didn’t even have Stephen Curry; AND the Wolves had our entire complement of players with the return of Jonny Flynn and Martell Webster.  That sucked.  Not to say it was unexpected, because we’ve only won 1 road game in the past year, or however ridiculously long it’s been.

The main point of this mini-post/recap is to announce to the majority of the NBA World who didn’t watch this game, that the TWolves appear to have a legitimate NBA starting SG.  Martell Webster looked fantastic tonight in 26 minutes.  He went 6 of 8 from the field, nailed both his threes, had 17 points, 5 boards, and played solid D.  What else could you ask for in his first game back from surgery and rehab?  Granted it’s only one game and it was against the Golden State no defense Warriors (small sample size alert!), but he looked like more of a shooting guard than anyone else on our team, or anyone we’ve had at SG in a looooooong time.  So with that, I’m really excited to see what he can do the rest of the season.  Tune in tomorrow night when the Wolves take on Phoenix.

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Let’s do some bullet points on tonight’s game, because bullet points are fun and easy (= lazy)

  • Darko was great with a career high 25 points, and also chipped in 11 boards. Too bad he had zero blocks, 4 turnovers, and 5 fouls. But other than that he was excellent.
  • Puke Ridnour sucks so bad. His shot selection is terrible, and he misses them all anyways. Somehow he had 11 assists, not that it helped us win the game.
  • Flynn didn’t do much in 17 minutes other than dribble around a lot. He only took two shots… one was a made three, and the other was an airballed 15 footer. Weird.
  • Wesley Johnson shouldn’t be starting. He’d be better off the bench for now. He just doesn’t really do much out there.  He only played 20 minutes tonight, which is probably about right for him with Webster back.
  • Love was average at best.  He had 13 and 14, but took way too many shots (18) and missed twelve of them to boot.
  • Beasley’s defense has been terrible all season, but lately he’s been getting a bunch of stupid fouls as well. Definitely not helping himself stay on the court or get in a rhythym. 
  • Don’t really have much to add about the Warriors, other than they have no bench and I can’t believe we lost to them.  David Lee didn’t look great, Biedrins was ok, Dorrell Wright was off.  Reggie Williams was their second best player tonight and he was a D-Leaguer last year. Egads
  • Lastly, how fun is Monta Ellis to watch? He’s gotta be one of my most favorite players to watch. He’s incredibly entertaining.  You really just need to see him ball, if you haven’t before. 
  • Did You Know Fun Fact: Monta played 96 minutes in the two games against the TWolves this year.


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