Release the Kraken!

Very little to say here other than “Release the Kraken!” is the perfect thing for Wolves game attendee(s) to scream prior to Pekovic entering the game. Think of it. Here is motivation:

Also, and again I sincerely apologize for the epic waste of your time that is this obvious Wednesday filler “article,” but the following is an actual e-mail exchange I had with a friend that began yesterday afternoon and ended some time today.
Friend (F): Tonight Pekovic steals glen taylor’s wife and climbs to the top of the IDS tower with her on his shoulder.
Me (M): Yes, and then eats the IDS Tower
F: I heard we didn’t actually trade Ryan Hollins, Pek just ate him
M: I heard Jacob Wetterling was never kidnapped. A young Pekovic sat on him and he was absorbed into his soul.
F: Just another one of the skulls at the base of his tattoo
M: Pekovic’s arrival is the only reason Obama-care passed. Also, a descendent of Pekovic farted and caused the San Francisco earthquake of 1906
F: Pekovic invented the wheel
M: Pekovic invented the sky
F: Pekovic used his Johnson to drill the rescue shaft for the Chilean miners
M: The entire original Johnson family line that is now the most common name in the US is named after Pekovic’s johnson, not his descendants’, because the Mayans predicted he would drill the rescue shaft with it.
F: Biblical historians have just concluded that Pekovic was actually “Goliath” from the david and goliath tale
M: The Kraken in Clash of the Titans was inspired after Pekovic encountered a group of barking puppies and was upset about it.
Perhaps it’s time for a new hobby.
Again, this article contains absolutely no insight whatsoever to Pekovic’s game. Perhaps that may come next. He did look rather efficient against Denver and he was spotted playing with a baby as the half wound down (true story). The baby has since not been seen again.

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