Selection Sunday

After pouring through close to 100 nominees in our NBA Draft Lottery Mascot Challenge, the TWB staff has narrowed the field to 64 contenders!  The bracket is divided into four regions: one for athletes, one for celebrities, one for TV/Movie Characters, and one for complete and utter randomness.  You can click the image below to view a full-sized image of the complete bracket.

mascot bracket

We’ll be kicking off the first-round voting tomorrow, starting with the Celebrity Region.  Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday we’ll have daily voting for each of the three remaining regions, and on Friday we’ll announce the first-round winners.  Next week, we’ll narrow things down to the Elite Eight, and then the following week, we’ll crown our mascot, just in time for the Lottery!

Be sure to check in each day and vote!  When John Wall or Evan Turner is wearing a Wolves jersey, you’ll be glad you did!

Derek Hanson

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