Spurs Beat Wolves in OT 113-109



The Spurs take down the Wolves 113 – 109 in OT

The TWolves Blog Forum Spurs Game Thread is hoppin with discussion, and it’s also where I also post my thoughts on games.  So if you are a Wolves fan looking for discussion and other destroyed souls that happen to be fans of the Minnesota Timberwolves, then the TWB Forums is place to be.

Here are some talkers on tonight’s game:

I can’t believe we blew a 21 point lead and lost in OT. Well… I guess I can believe it, we are the TWolves after all. Still, this was infinitely closer than I ever thought it would be. Oh well. Good game Spurs. Way to stay in it and fight back. That’s why they are champions.

But wow… their three point shooting. They were 2 of 17 from deep at one point. 10 of 32 on the game. Egads.

Ridnour barely beats out Beasley for having a worserly (word?) atrocious game. Beasley has higher expectations overall, but Ridnour played 11 more minutes than Beasley tonight, and was 2 of 12 from the field. Ridnour and Beasley had probably their worst two games of the season. And they happened in the same game, which was unfortunate for us, to say the least. If either of them had even played average, we win tonight.

Beasley took dumb shots. Had bad turnovers. Didn’t even look like he was in the game. And Ridnour… man, he was just brutal.

The refs were about as atrocious as atrocious can get.  I know people complain about NBA refs all the time (well deserved I’d say), but oh my god this was bad.  Story of our lives.

Darko was the man (of course.) And Wes J. looked really good for the most part. KLove naturally had those huge stats, but I dunno… it’s not like he’s anywhere near as dominant as Shaq. The reason I say that is because Shaq was the last guy to put up more than 1 30+ point, 20+ rebound game in the same season in the NBA. Love has nowhere near the impact on the games that Shaq did.

Darko = Best Center in Wolves history. Keep it up and he’s an All-Star! Hahaha. Or not. But still, what a GREAT off-season signing. Screw off National Media Haters/Hollinger/Simmons/etc etc etc times infinity.

Duncan. Man, he’s just not the same. He’s still good of course, but not what he once was.  And he’s still soooooo… damn… whiny.  It’s very annoying. Of course he wasn’t ever called for a technical.  Weird how that works.  You asshat Stern.

Manu is definitely their best player, in my humble opinion.

Does Tiago Splitter suck? Or does he just need more time to get used to the NBA (same as with Pekovic.) I dunno. And he looks malnourished. He’s like the Corey Brewer of big men.

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