Stadium Journey: Target Center

A new and fantastic website has just hit the interwebs called Stadium Journey. The purpose of the site? Paul had this to say: “We post reviews of pro and college sports venues, and our goal is to create a community of members who share information about what makes specific venues special, and that newbies to that venue can use as a resource to make the most out of their experience.”

Needless to say, a review of our Target Center is up. Check out the write-up entitled “In The Target (Center) of It All,” by clicking here. Be sure to log on and share your ratings, recommendations and experiences! Those of us fortunate to live close by Target Center know very well of some of the winter-time antics that go on in that building.

Excerpt from the write-up:

Twenty years ago, the Target Center opened its doors and provided fans with a great downtown facility to watch professional basketball. After playing its inaugural season down the road at the Metrodome, the Timberwolves played the 1990-91 season at the Target Center, posting a 29-53 record.

There have been eight playoff appearances and one division title in the franchise’s existence, but frankly the Target Center has been less about the quality of the team on the floor, and more about the location. Now, more than ever, with the opening of the Twins’ Target Field, the Timberwolves are located in the middle of a great downtown, with everything one would need to have for an enjoyable evening. Now, the only thing that’s missing is some winning basketball. A minor detail.


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