T-Wolves Lose to Suns: Fun With Haiku’s



The T-Wolves fall again, this time 122 -128 in Phoenix.  What’s up with Be-Eazy?  Beasley has been pretty bad of late. Tonight he got his fifth foul in the third quarter.  He’s not playing playing well lately at all, to be honest.  We all already know about his absolutely terrible defense, stupid fouls, and too much ball-hogging on offense. His redeeming feature is that he’s our only guy who can create his own offense, and he usually does it quite well. He made some nice plays this game, but of course he can’t play defense so that negates his offensive contributions.  We keep losing all these games, but at least the Wolves are infinitely more exciting than our teams of seasons past.  We are a totally watchable team, which is leaps and bounds above the dredgery of the past.  So at least we’ve got that going for us.

I don’t really have much else to add (Puke Ridnour sucks), and besides, the Suns shooting was insane. 50% from the field, and 55% from three point land. They shot an insane 15 of 27 from deep. Sick. The Wolves actually shot 53% overall, but only 36% from deep (8 of 22.)  That’s the difference right there, as both teams had 16 turnovers.  The Suns, the worst rebounding team in the league, actually out-rebounded the Wolves 46 to 39.  Egads.

Martell Webster is now 5 of 6 from three-point land this season.  Our much needed, and legitimate NBA starting quality shooting guard, has finally arrived.  As I said in last night’s game recap, Martell is the Real Deal.

If you’ve read one game recap regarding our team the past few seasons, you’ve more or less read them all.  So let’s just stop with this.  If you want more discussion/analysis/game chatter, go check out the Official Game Thread in the TWolves Blog Forums.  Join us again Friday night when the Wolves travel to Portland.

On a lighter note, we absolutely LOVE AND CHERISH Haiku’s here at TWolvesBlog.  If you don’t feel the same, you may as well just leave now.  Haiku’s are an amazing and often hilarious form of artistic expression.  With that said, for today’s Timberpup Game bonus, run by TWB forum member “Roundhouse”, the bonus was to create the best/funniest/etc Haiku.  If you are unfamiliar with Haikus, it is a short little 3 line poem that has 5 syllables in the first line, 7 in the 2nd, and 5 in the 3rd.  Here’s what we came up with in the forums.  (Feel free to leave your own in the comments!)

College Wolf:

Play the Suns tonight
a back-to-back, hope to lose
by less than 50.

Martell is back now
No need to trade for Mayo
Draft some more white guys

Wolves got an Off Guard
Telfair, Ridnour, and J. Flynn
Still need a Point Guard

Sitting in my Cube
Contemplating booze tonight
Need to get away

Minnesota Vike’s
Terrible coaching leads to…
The Dome collapsing

Working in a cube
Brain getting smaller as the
Belly gets bigger

Jagermeister shot
Causing room to spin around
Where did my pants go?

Elderly drivers
Can’t see over steering wheel
Scare me please take cab

What day is it now?
Yes work sucks work sucks work sucks
Wolves can’t cure these ills

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Hard to me to write a haiku
cuz my english is so bad
epic fail it is sad

(It’s ok, he’s foreign.  At least he tries. Tongue out)


Wolves make me angry
I like B-easy, but frankly
Losing drives me crazy

Minnesota Polars:

What the F@&K Rambis
Your Rotation Management
Is Horrible. Flip?


Clank clank brick brick brick
Gave his pay to charity
McCants in D-League


K Love is a thief
He steals rebounds from his friends
someone call the cops

Pek is a monster
He lurks in the dark shadows
waiting to foul you

Jonny has a smile
I think he took a coat hanger
Stuck it in his mouth

Guess what? Martells back
Do you know why he was gone?
Guess what? Martells back


KLove is flabby
Steal less Twinkies and play D
Then we will like him


Tonight, it’s Phoenix
Turkoglu is Hideous
Downs Syndrome ain’t good


Hedo TurkeyGlue
Having Downs is better than
His facial Herpes


Hi, Im T-T-T
T-T-Telly Hughes!

In the time I wrote
this, Pek had four fouls and six
three second calls. Ugh.


As long as it takes
Flynn dribbling the ball around
Suns floor needs holes


Phoenix 119
Minnesota 108
This is my haiku!


Darko fingerrolls;
Beasley says, “Hey, dunk that stuff!”
Love plods down the court.


Telly’s our savior
He makes the Wolves watchable
Injury in store

This Suns team is down
Sadly, we still have no shot
Their down is our up

Loyal Wolf:

Wolves make me angry
Get a big lead and blow it
Not as bad as vikes!

He’s climbin in yo
gym, snatchin yo rebounds up,
so hide ya bballs

Rubio, please come
I need you in my life now
The savior for us

Aussie Wolf:

Seven secs or less…
Pekovic’s time to foul out
Or Nash style Suns ball?


Tonight it will rain
Threes from the corner and more
But they won’t be ours


Where are his teammates?
Flynn needs an intervention
for dribbling too much

Close game at the half
Don’t worry this won’t last long
Suns will start trying

Where art Rubio?
Please come save our crappy team
Chicks will flock to you


Man it is so fun
To watch the T-Wolves make shots
from beyond the arc.


Suns like to shoots threes
Wolves not read scouting report
In 4th they drop bombs


TWolves lose again
The Suns shoot threes like layups
Back to drawing board

College Wolf

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