The 2010-11 NBA Season Kicks Off!



Can you guys believe it?  The 2010-11 NBA season is already here.  Seems like just yesterday that the TWolves only won 15 games Lakers took out the Celtics in an epic Finals rematch.  What will this season bring?  Predictions anyone?

Speaking of predictions, I took part in a fun little collaboration picking awards and prognosticating the future.  MVP, Rookie of the Year, Finals winner, etc etc etc… cool stuff like that.  You can see Part 1 of the Bloguin NBA predictions over at the always superb Hoops Manifesto.  Check out Pt. 1 of the results HERE!

As a teaser, here’s my NBA Finals prediction:

Celtics over Thunder.  The Celtics take another title before the end of their mini-dynasty.  KG is back and revitalized, and the Celtics have the deepest team since the Big Three came together.  The Heat just don’t have the horses yet, and they have injury prone players at every position. I can’t conceivably pick the Lakers for anything, ever, because of my blinding and irrational hatred for them.  Plus the Thunder are awesome.  And they actually have big men now (Cole Aldrich, Ibaka.)

 ***EDIT UPDATE*** And here’s Part 2!  It’s much more interesting and in-depth than part 1. CLICK HERE for Part 2.

Make sure to check out the games tonight, including the epic Old Big Three vs. the New Big Three.  The Heat take on the Celtics in Boston at 6:30 PM on TNT.

Also tomorrow night, the Rockets are at the Lakers (TNT late game), and the Suns are in Portland.  A great slate of games to kick off the new season!

In Wolves news…

– From, an enemy scout sizes up the T-Wolves

Martell Webster had successful back surgery, according to Ray Richardson at the Pioneer Press.

Webster should be back in 4 to 6 weeks, per Dana Wessel at ESPN Twin Cities. 

– Per Jerry Zgoda’s blog, the Wolves final roster has the limit of 15 players, which means Maurice Ager is a lucky man.  For now.

–’s Jonah Ballow does a 1 on 1 video interview with Anthony Tolliver.  Tolliver rocks.


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