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This post is brought to you by valued TWolves Blog Forum member "BonK."  What follows are his thoughts on the Wolves-Clippers crapfest last night.  I don't even really have anything to add myself, because that was such a disgusting game I'm trying to purge it from my mind as quickly as possible.  We'll all be better for just moving on.  Disgusting.

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Take it away BonK…


Since I hadn't seen more than a quarter of a Wolves game in over a month, but watched the game last night in it's entirety (actually the 1st half twice – at the bar and then on the DVR), I feel compelled to make a separate post. Too bad this game was a giant suckfest, so this post will be rather negative. After hearing from several forum posters, friends, and family members about how fun the Wolves were to watch this year, I was obviously sorely disappointed by last nights tilt.

I am going to the game on Wednesday, so hopefully the Wolves can play as good then as they played bad last night, and I can offer a write up from the positive perspective on Thursday. Here are my thoughts on what I saw last evening:

The Good:

– Martell looked good and has put up nice numbers in each game back. In the preseason games I saw he also looked fantastic. But more importantly than any of that, I loved his half-time interview. He was genuinely upset by the lack of effort and concentration by the team, and said that it starts with him as a veteran to get the guys to step it up. I just really dug how I could see his passion and feeling that this level of play was not acceptable. Hopefully he will become a leader on this team.

– I was expecting Rambo's post-game presser to be a laid back not caring type of press conference, but he seemed legitimately peeved by the way we played. He did not make excuses for the guys and basically said that the effort & focus was unacceptable, so he gained some points in my book based off of that.

– I watched the game with College Wolf, and he would not stop drooling over Blake Griffin. Seriously, he was frothing at the mouth. (CW edit: FACT. Blake Griffin = gigantic STUD.)

– It's sad when the positives of the game are two interviews about how much we sucked and my bro drooling over a player on the opposition.

The Bad:

– The offense in the 2nd half especially didn't just bother me, it angered me. Seriously in the 3rd quarter over half of our field goal attempts were 19-22 foot jumpshots. We took sooooo many long jumpers, hardly EVER attempted to go into the paint at all, and there was very poor ball movement, cutting, and passing all around. It was sad and unacceptable.

– Quick side note: This is why I still think Telfair is a better PG than Puke Ridnour or J-Flymsy. At least he gets the team running, the ball moving, guys moving, flow generating, and isn't constantly taking long contested 2 point jumpshots.

– Our defense was even worse than our offense. Gomes looked like an aggressive all-star caliber player against us. D'Andre looked like D-Ho. Gordon looked like Jordan.

– How many open 3's are we going to give up before we stop over-rotating and showing too hard?!?!  YUCK.

– Since Darko & Big Pecker didn't play, and Tolly is out, I feel it is unfair to be too harsh on our interior defense and rebounding. With that said, it was downright pathetic, and if K-Love wants to look himself in the mirror and say "I see an all-star", he needs to do something on the defensive end to somehow make his presence felt in a game like this against a poor team.

– Why does Brewer shoot jumpers? Or dribble?

– Why does J-Flymsy always pass it too early on the fast break? Like 5 out of 5 times on fast breaks last night he either passed it to the wrong guy or passed it way too early. Was he not a point guard in junior high and high school or something? Quite frankly it doesn't seem like he understands anything about being a point guard.

– Does Coach Rambo ever say anything during the game? Dude, you are the HEAD COACH. Yell at some people, make some adjustments, call a timeout, bench a guy, do SOMETHING to let us know you have a pulse and are paying attention.

– Wayne Ellington probably should not play.

The Ugly:

– Chris Caveman Kaman and Kosta Doofus Koufus.

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