Top Ten WORST T-Wolves of All-Time


TWolvesBlog commentor “Matty McCabe” had a good idea in the comments of the Top Ten T-Wolves of All-Time post; for us to compile a list of the Top Ten WORST Wolves.  And why not?  We certainly have enough players to choose from, and the results could be fun/funny/depressing.

However, and as he said, let’s go with players that have contributed significant time.  (I.E. please no “Paul Grants” that have littered the NBA graveyard of years past.)  Let’s try to vote on players that have played at least 1,000 minutes for the Puppies.  *HERE’S A LINK that should help you in your decision making process.

At least these results should have more variety in it, I’d imagine.  (a.k.a. Not having one player #1 (KG) on every list.)  The results will probably not shock, but still utterly depress surprise us all.

P.S.  Just because the history of our franchise has been terrible, doesn’t mean we aren’t super friendly and smiley!!!

To Participate:

So if you’d like to partake, feel free to leave your top 5 or top 10 WORST T-Wolves of All-Time below in the comments.  Or, you can email me your list at You can even write comments like other TWB members have done, and I’ll pick comments to display for each player in the result post.  I’ll then tally up all the votes and make a post like Jeff did over at Hoops Manifesto for the All-Time Best T-Wolves.  Except with much crappier players.

I’ll be gone this weekend, so get your votes in by Sunday night!


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