This past week I met with a friend of mine who is an NBA insider for a rousing game of ping pong. This person is so well connected within the NBA that if anything is going on behind the scenes, he knows about. He offered some insight into what is going on inside the Timberwolves organization as well as some of the other teams around the NBA. Remember, you heard it here first.
On The Wolves
– My source tells me that many people in the front office who are still around from the McHale regime don’t like Kahn very much. They believe that he is in over his head and will never be able to live up to the greatness and genius with which McHale ran the team. Also, my source tells me that one person in the wolves FO specifically told him that if McHale’s icefishing house collapsed into the lake that he would jump into the hole in the ice after McHale, not to save him, but “to be with him”. *nods head in agreement*
– It is nearly a unanimous opinion among those in the wolves FO that Big Alco and Love cannot effectively play together. There are many theories being thrown around as to why this is, but the most widely accepted one at this point is that they can’t play together because they are both “too good” to share the post. My source also tells me that either Al or Love will “definitely” be traded sometime before 2013. *I just had a seizure*
– My source has learned through someone in K. Love’s inner circle that he prefers boxers over briefs and that his favorite tv show is Inuyasha. *I have to go… ummmm….return some videotapes, I’ll be back in 15 minutes*
– Most people within the wolves organization think that Ryan Hollins was a disappointment last year. They believe he showed almost no promise, but are not giving up and have come up with a well formulated plan to speed up his development. Love is going to work with Hollins on how to play below the rim, as many think the reason Hollins struggled is because he is too athletic. Al is going to work on defensive fundamentals with him and even though Oleksiy Pecherov is a free agent, he has agreed to work with Hollins on some of the finer points of passing. *my level of trust that the team knows what they are doing just raised ten-fold*
– My source tells me that Jonny Flynn secretly hopes that Ricky Rubio never comes to the NBA. *gasp*
– The wolves are exploring the possibility of a deal with the Warriors to swap draft picks and to get Anthony Randolph in the process. The exact details of the potential trade are not yet known, but my source says that the Warriors are insisting that the rights to Loukas Mavrokefalidis be included in the trade. So far the wolves have balked at this request. *Anthony Randolph & Wes Johnson 4co-mvp in 2011! believe it*
– Some of the players have given Glen Taylor the nickname “Skeletor” and call him that when he’s not around. Also, Glen Taylor smells like a moldy basement and people don’t like to hug him because you can’t get the smell out of your clothes no matter how many times you wash them. *makes sense*
On The NBA
– Through connections within the Bulls and Hornets organizations, my source has learned that Celtics assistant Tom Thibodeau will be the next head coach of the Bulls and that Blazers assistant Monty Williams will coach the Hornets. *remember, you heard it here first*
– My source says that the Wizards are going to shock the world by selecting John Wall with the 1st pick in the draft. * the nba: where unexpected happens!*
– The 76ers have made the #2 available for trade as long as the team will take on Elton Brand as well. My source tells me that supposedly many people around the league think that all-star Elton Brand is overpaid and do not want take on his contract. *#2 pick AND an all star. i just pissed my pants*
– My source tells me that Shaq is old and fat *noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo*
– Coincidentally, my source is also very close to Lebron. He tells me that Lebron has narrowed down his list of potential teams to 29. The team that he has ruled out is the Timberwolves. When my source asked Lebron why he had taken the timberwolves out of consideration, Lebron said nothing in reply and had a blank stare on his face. *eh, you can’t win them all. maybe we can sign Harrison Barnes when he is a free agent in 2016*
– My source has learned that Shaddy McCants has been voted off of his recreational league basketball team by his fellow teammates. In 4 games, he never passed the ball once and his team lost every game. My source talked to a person close to Shaddy who says that he is encouraged by his rec league scoring average of 48 points per game and is confident he can make an NBA comeback. Supposedly he has even hired JaMarcus Russell to help him learn to how to pass the ball better. *scoring. dedication. heart. i hope we can get this guy*
Well, that about does it folks. This is a recap of most of what the source and myself talked about. Obviously he told me some other things, but they are so shocking that your simpleton minds couldn’t even comprehend the magnitude of importance of that information. Also, we here at TWB are not trying to spread rumors or be the guys who are always quoting “unnamed sources”, it’s just that we know that fans love insider information such as this and it comes from a very, very, reliable source. I ask that you please do not repost any of this on any other website. Remember, you heard it here first and please stop by TWB in the future for more exclusive NBA inside information.
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