TWB NBA Draft Lottery Mascot Challenge: And the Winner Is…

21 days ago, we started out on a journey to find the man, woman, or creature who would end the Minnesota Timberwolves streak of 21 years of  bad luck.  Today, that journey is over.  A winner has been named.  A champion has been crowned. And tomorrow evening, that winner will walk into the NBA Entertainment Headquarters in Seacaucus, NJ and lead our people to the promised land.

VS. macguyver 2

And now, with 55% of the final vote, your winner and TWB NBA Draft Lottery Mascot…

macgyver poster



That’s right, the man who has managed to escape death and thwart terrorists plots using a shoe lace and a pack of tic tacs is now in the Timberwolves’ corner! As our official Draft Lottery Mascot, Macgyver will stop at nothing to bring John Wall or Evan Turner to the Great North.  Will he use his scientific skills to rig the ping pong ball machine?  Will he configure a contraption to switch Stern’s envelopes?  Or will his presence alone simply be enough to switch the course of karma and end the Wolves’ awful luck?  No matter what his method may be, we can sleep soundly tonight knowing that Macgyver never fails.

mascot bracket5
Click the image to view the final bracket…

So now that our mascot has been crowned, it’s time to make plans for tomorrow night’s festivities.  I can confirm that our mascot WILL be in the building when the ping pong balls are run and the lottery results are read.  Now it’s time for us to do our part.  We’ve created a PDF of the Macguyver image above for you to print and hang up.  Let’s get the Mac up all over Minnesota and spread the word!

Here’s a link to the PDF

Print it out!  Hang it up!  Cause tomorrow, we’re getting a Top 2 pick!

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