TWB NBA Draft Lottery Mascot Challenge: Final Four

nba draft lottery mascot
We are down to the wire with the NBA Draft Lottery Mascot Challenge!  Our four brackets have officially been busted and the winners for each region are about to be revealed!  The Elite Eight round featured some of our closest contests ever.  No one received more than 55% of the vote in any of our contests and two of our battles were determined by a single vote!  Below are the results.  To keep the suspense intact, I’m going to actually publish the results in a white-colored font, and then you can click and mouse-over to highlight the results and reveal the winner.  Pretty, fancy, eh?
Athlete Region Final
dwight shrute 2 vs. macho man 2
And the winner is…
Mouse over/Highlight—› The Macho Man Randy Savage with 51% of the vote!
Celebrity Region Final
mr t 2 vs. sean connery 2
And the winner is…
Mouse over/Highlight—›             Mr. T with 55% of the vote!
TV/Movie Character Region Final
macguyver 2 vs. bert and ernie 2
And the winner is…
Mouse over/Highlight—›         Macguyver with 54% of the vote!
Random Region Final

vs. baked man 2

And the winner is…

Mouse over/Highlight—›         Fat Spiderman with 51% of the vote!

mascot bracket4
Click on the image to see the full updated bracket.
Those are the results!  Congratulations to our four finalists!  However, there’s no time to celebrate as the Semi-Final Round is about to get underway.  Click “Read More” below to move on to the voting.  It’s time to decide the two finalists who will go head-to-head for the title of the TWB NBA Draft Lottery Mascot!
Athlete Region Champion vs. Celebrity Region Champion

macho man randy savage


mr t

Twenty-four years ago these two competitors participated in Wrestlemania 2.  Mr. T fought Rowdy Roddy Piper in a main-event boxing match, and the Macho Man won the Intercontinental Title by pinning George the Animal Steele.  Now, these two legends of the 80’s will once again step into battle, this time as head-to-head competitors for one of the two finalist positions in the Mascot Challenge.  It’s been nearly a quarter of a decade, but the stakes have never been higher!

The Macho Man has had a storied journey through the bracket.  He was a late-comer to the tournament, but paid his dues by walking away a victor in the Athlete region’s triple-threat match.  He then went on to shock the world by downing the gruesome twosome of Marko Jaric and Adrianna Lima.  And, of course, we just witnessed his recent defeat of Dwight Shrute who used a loophole to gain re-enterance to the tournament following the AP/Mauer double-disqualification.  Now that the stakes are at their highest, the only question remaining is whether or not the Macho Man is the best candidate for our Lottery Mascot.  Personally, I can’t think of a better reaction to David Stern flipping over our card for the #1 pick, than millions of Wolves fans screaming “OOOOOH YEEEEEAAAAHHH!

Then there’s Mr. T.  Perhaps no other contender has had a more difficult road to the Final Four than Inspector Collect.  Other than his cream-puff second-round bout with Frodo Baggins, Mr. T has faced a barrage of mascot heavy-weights.  First he knocked off the legendary Chuck Norris.  Equally as impressive, he knocked off Sean Connery in the Elite Eight.  And, of course, his battle with white supremacist Taylor Swift will go down in the history books as a victory for all humanity.  I won’t contiue to belabor this, as it’s clear to anyone why Mr. T would be a phenomenal mascot to represent the Wolves.  You think David Stern would dare to pull a switcheroo with the envelopes with B.A. Barracus in our corner?




TV/Movie Character Region Champion vs. Random Region Champion

macguyver 2


When this tournament began two weeks ago, there was little doubt in my mind that Macguyver would be sitting in the Final Four.  The TV/Movie Character region contained some of our most creative and fan-friendly options, but none was more worthy than the mulleted genius.  Not only did he dominate his bracket, but he managed to take out more opponents (five) than any other contestant in the tournament.  Is there anything the man can’t do?  Certainly if we crowned him our mascot he’d find some way to lead the Wolves to one of the top two picks.  When we started this tournament, it was all about finding somebody to change our franchises luck.  With Macguyver, there’s no such things as odds, just guaranteed results!
And finally, we bring you Fat Spiderman. Every tournament has their Cinderella.  Ours just happens to weigh a solid two-eighty-five and wear spandex.  I don’t know how, but Fat Spiderman managed to make it through Mr. Freeze, the Japanese Softball Team, Wolverine, and Baked Man KG Fan to earn a spot in our final four. He is, without a doubt, the most unlikely of our remaining mascot-hopfuls.  What are the chances of the Wolves finally breaking 21 years of horrendous luck when they desperately need it the most?  I’d say they’re about as good as a fat guy in a super hero costume winning the hearts of our site’s members and winning the mascot challenge.  He may not be strong.  He may not be smart.  He may not be sexy.  But there’s no question in my mind that he’d be a perfect fit to bring the downtrodden TWolves to glory.


Be sure to check back on Friday when we announce the winners and hold the voting for the Mascot Challenge Championship!

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