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It’s Memorial Day and NO ONE in the media is talking about the Wolves.  (Strange, I know.)  I tried finding stuff to piece together for daily news, but there’s just nothing worth posting.  The lone “interesting” piece I was able to hunt down mentioned that the Wolves may try to move up in the draft, without giving any specifics as to how they might do that.  That riveting piece of journalism aside, the Wolves news-o-phere was a total black hole today.

However, just because everyone else decides to be boring today and barbeque or jump in the pool instead of covering the Wolves, your loyal troup here at TWB aren’t going to leave you hanging.  Today, we’re announcing the launch of our Reader Draft Board!  Each day we’ll be posting a poll that allows our readers to make a draft pick.  We’ll start with the Wizards, who are unfairly and lamely picking #1.  Then each day we’ll move through the first round until you, the readers, have assembled your collective draft board.

The poll only contains the most likely candidates for a given draft position, and won’t contain any players that have already been “drafted”.  However, to keep things fair, if you don’t agree with any of the given choices you can always write-in your vote.  (Serious draft candidates only.  Votes for Baked Man KG fan will be ignored.)

So let’s vote!  With the 1st pick in the 2010 NBA Draft, the Washington Wizards select…


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