Wait… what? Really?


I feel kind of foolish even linking to this bitch-fest, but I have to point this out.  I mean, get a grip Mr. Rick Morrissey… Mr. High and Mighty Chicago Sun-Times Columnist.

He’s complaining about how “boring” the Chicago Bulls season has been, despite making the playoffs, and a bunch of other random dumbness.  Most glaringly, he bitches about how the Bulls are “stuck in NBA Hell” and have “little hope of getting better through the draft…”

It was easy to look at their victory over the Celtics on Tuesday night and see hope. Rose scored 39 points and Kirk Hinrich added 30. But it was one game in a five-year history of lukewarm basketball. You’d be foolish to believe in it.

No, the Bulls find themselves in NBA hell, where there’s little hope of getting better in the draft and the likelihood of landing one of the top free agents seems slim, thanks to league rules that reward players for staying with their teams. So here the Bulls are, spooning out gruel to the peasants, who, for some reason, continue to eat it up.

Really dude? What a flippin joke, man.  Were you bitching when your 2008 Bulls won the NBA Lottery and were gifted with Derrick Rose?  Hmmmm.  Nevermind they had the NINTH worst record that season.  How quickly you forgot.

Oh, and us Wolves fans would glad take a “boring” playoff season and/or winning the lottery.  Please.  Sign me up. You realize the Wolves have NEVER won the lottery, and haven’t made the playoffs since 2003-04?  And its not like the Wolves are the only franchise suffering as such.


You can read his entire article “Bulls’ real crime? Zzzzzzz” via that link. 

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