Webster out 4-6 Weeks After Back Surgery

Per Jonah, Jerry Z and the Twolves and a thank you to Forum member Loyal Wolf for letting us know. Webster underwent surgery this morning to repair a herniated disc.

How unfortunate to start the year. Major, major bright side to this is that the injury is not as serious as many thought. 4-6 weeks hopefully will go by in no time, and is a reasonable amount of time for back surgery. Wishing Martell a quick recovery after his very nice preseason.

My question, though, is if this had been bothering him continuously since April, then why:

1. Was this not flagged in his physical and addressed?

2. Did he or team physicians not address this until 2 days before the season opener? Seems like a surgical procedure over the summer would do us well at this point. As Webster and others have said: it had been bothering him for months.

In other news, Jerry Z recently tweeted Wayne Ellington has been working out with the starters non-stop. Show of hands who would have predicted Wayne be the opening night starter, no less part of the regular rotation? Defensive liabilities aside, he had a heck of a pre-season and has certainly earned it, if true.

UPDATE/NOTE: No timetable has been placed on his injury. 4-6 weeks is the typical recovery time for this surgery, not necessarily Martell’s.