What Position & How Many Minutes Will Beasley Play?



So where will Beasley play for the T-Wolves?  And how many minutes per game?  This is being discussed in various other TWolves Blog Forum threads.  He certainly looks and attempts to play like a Small Forward, but he plays much better at the Power Forward position. At least, he did last year.

Evidence here: Scroll down to Production By Position

That’s quite a conundrum for us. Clearly he is NOT going to start in front of KLove, as that’s one of the reasons for trading the Big Alco. Love most certainly is not happy with coming off the bench, as we saw all last season.

So does Beasley start at SF, where he is less effective? And does he start in front of our #4 overall draft pick, presumeably-NBA-ready Wesley Johnson? That doesn’t seem to make a ton of sense either.

I guess in an ideal world, I’d hope Jefferson is traded (Kevin Martin, please!), and Beasley becomes our Super Sixth Man.  He could then backup at PF and SF as needed each game.  Hopefully he could log 25-30 or so minutes per game, as that should suffice (I’d hope… but you never know with him.)

I just hope he will accept and embrace that role? If not, what other options does he have?  I guess he could always leave Minnesota after his contract is up this season, and go play for the Warriors.  He’d get his stats there.  Surprised

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